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A truly innovative and exciting way to enjoy the real casino

Online gaming has allowed us to enjoy a truly novel and exciting real casino experience. Instead of jumping in the car and travelling to the nearest brick and mortar venue, gaming fanatics can now play from where they want, when they want.

Asides from offering an easily accessible gaming platform, even the biggest online casinos offer a wide range of promotions. These include the likes of free spins and welcome bonuses.

New players who are comparing various online casinos will find a large selection available, which can make it difficult to choose a venue. The majority of online casino bonuses have been designed to entice players to the site by offering them generous deals that are often too good to refuse. Even regular players will take advantage of such promotions, especially when concerning a new game release – after all; even the professional players have to learn the rules at some point.

One of the most popular player bonuses comes in the shape of the free spin bonus. This particular no deposit bonus allows newbie players to try out a certain game or site without suffering any monetary risks – it is important to remember that these bonuses are available to new players only – those thinking about indulging must register at the casino and open a real money account. To find out more about casino bonuses and what’s entailed prior to using them, it’s a good idea to do a little research. You’ll find a great deal of information on the latest bonuses at onlinecasino.partners – You can visit them by clicking here – as well as tips and tricks on game play and a variety of casino reviews.

Players using free spin bonuses should be aware that winnings cannot be redeemed until a cash deposit is made into the player’s online casino account. However, these risk free bonuses offer a great way for newbie players to enjoy an abundance of slot games without having to wager any of their own money initially. This is especially the case as players are able to generate real winnings with a free spin bonus, which makes it extremely beneficial for any beginner.

Another thing to note when considering free spins is that this particular bonus can only be used when playing slot games. If it’s a number game you want to try, you’ll have to check out another promotion. Welcome bonuses are always a great option for new players and also, professional players looking to try out a new site. When you deposit money into your online account, you’ll be awarded with a match – meaning you have double to play with!

When looking into the many casino bonuses available, it’s important to shop around. Certain bonuses request that players use them in a certain time frame, whilst others won’t allow players to withdraw winnings from their online accounts straight away, they must first meet the betting requirements of the casino. However, once these requirements have been met, players are welcome to withdraw their cash winnings.

If you’re a little unsure about the world of online gaming, casino bonuses are a great option as they allow you to try out a number of games for free using the casino’s money as opposed to your own. Once you feel confident in game play, simply pick a casino, register with the site, deposit a little money into your account and you’re good to go!

Is it time you started gambling through Leo Vegas?

They not be a name that many think of when it comes to online casinos, but Leo Vegas is definitely an online casino of note in 2015. Starting life back in 2010 they have outgrown their novice casino status and become a mainstay in the marketplace. Through a vast game choice and top of the line graphics Leo Vegas really does offer a great gambling experience, but is it time that you started gambling through Leo Vegas? This article is here to help you decide – And if you are still unsure after this, make sure to check out the review that swedish gaming portal SverigesCasinon.net just released of this operator.


Unlike other online casinos, which use copy and past frameworks, Leo Vegas is custom built from the ground up. NYX Gaming Group handled the software development and looking at it you must say that they have done a fantastic job. It is instant play at its very best and it is that which sets it apart from the competition. The entire casino operates solely through a standard web browser, but this has no effect on the casinos responsiveness. Games on the site are brought to you from the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming, and BetSoft, three companies, which much like NYX Interactive, stand for quality. Having spent countless hours on Leo Vegas, the responsiveness of the software is something that I have been left very impressed by.


Gameplay is key when it comes to online casinos, but graphics aren’t something you should completely ignore. When it comes to Leo Vegas it is very much a case of what you see is what you get. The games are split into two different sections and can be viewed by such by selecting the relevant option at the top of the page. All a player has to do to logon to a game is click on the relevant icon. The graphics found on site are as you would expect for a mid-range online casino, they aren’t going to blow you away, but they aren’t going to hamper your gaming experience either.


An online casino can present the most flawless experience in the world, but if it doesn’t have a worthwhile game selection then all the development is for nothing, Thankfully, Leo Vegas delivers big time in the selection that it offers, as they have almost 300 games on their books as of writing. Not only do they offer the huge collection through their web browser, but over 140 these games can be played on a mobile device too. They also offer the chance for players to play for free or using demo funds too, meaning that novices won’t ever be thrown into a game at the deep end.

Leo Vegas also offer customers live casino games, while many other casinos can’t seem to get their ducks in a row to offer such, Leo Vegas does so in aplomb. However, it must be noted that live casino games aren’t currently available for play on mobile devices.


Leo Vegas uses a Digicert 2048 bit SSL certificate to protect it’s players and their funds. To most this may simply seem to be tech speak, but it is definitely of note considering the amount of DDoS attacks taking place throughout the online gambling community. The casino also offers phone, email, and 24/7 live chat support to help should you encounter problems.

Having been an online gambler for over a decade I have learnt how to tell the good casinos from the bad. Leo Vegas has shown me that they are doing a lot of things right and are we worth gambling through if you are on the lookout for something new.

I made money from online slots and here’s how

Unlike most people, I started gambling from a young age, from the moment I turned 16 I was hooked. First it was sports betting that caught my attention, I was regularly putting money on football accumulators with little success. When I first started gambling it was definitely via pure “throwaway money” and I found out the hard way that sports betting really is a hit or miss or affair, with it being mostly miss. I would also bet on other sports like boxing, golf, and MMA without much luck. After finding a new job that offered me increased disposable income I decided it was time to raise my game.

I started visiting the local casino and put my money down on the tables. I’ve always had a penchant for cards and the likes of blackjack and poker ticked all the boxes. The problem is I found that converting my amateur success at both games to the casino tables easier said that done. It seemed that the dealer had my number through every single hand. Loss after loss followed while at the tables. I also started playing online during this time and it was the same old story. Even though there are strategies out there that are supposed to guarantee success, they seemed to have little to no effect on what I was doing. After such failure I was falling out of love with gambling, labelling it a “mugs game” and being ready to walk away.

The week after deciding that gambling wasn’t for me. I got an email from a major casino that said if I deposited £20; I would receive £20 of free spins on their online slot games. I really felt that I had nothing to lose with such a small investment and could at least get the free spins to help increase my chances of walking away with a profit for a change. This was probably a wise move, as I found a newfound love for gambling again. After a while it became obvious that slots were my game, as the money started to roll in.

My very first bet on a slot machine through this offer was for a grand total of 50p. I don’t think I had ever bet so small before in my life. Through an online slot game I doubled my money. That’s right, I made the grand total of 50p on my first online slot game and I couldn’t have been any happier. It showed that I could find some success when I gambled. Things wouldn’t stop there either as more success would soon follow.

After a positive start, I started thinking about the games in more detail. I stopped approaching them at random and cherry picking the online slot games I would play. I learnt a value lesson through my gambling failures and that is only play what you know. I broke down the payout of every game along with the payout percentage to maximise my success. I shortlisted the most potentially profitable games before playing them hard and fast.

If you want my opinion, I would pick up a free spins bonus through one of the many casinos listed at Vip Casino and get my gambling journey started today. I have proven one thing through my efforts, which is that there is a game for everyone within the online casino environment. For me it was slots and I feel with the right approach anyone can make the game of pure luck their own given time.