My Checklist Before Choosing A Rental Car

Since I’m new to Kerikeri airport rental cars, the first thing I did was to check whether they provide GPS. I also wanted to know whether they provide extra drivers and what would be the cost. I wanted to save money and so I was also interested to find out whether the company offers third party liability insurance as well as collision damage waiver. It was also important to find the maximum deductible that I would pay towards bodywork repairs in case of an accident. Another thing I wanted to check is whether the company offers personal accident and theft insurance. 

After getting my fingers burnt with some horrible companies, I also wanted to know whether the company offers unlimited mileage. Some companies claim to be the cheapest car hire firms but what they don’t tell you is that there is a mileage limit that comes with that offer. As part of my checklist, I wanted to know whether the company offers breakdown service. Also, I wanted to know whether I would be billed for unused days if I shortened my rental period. At the time of reservation, I was curious to know whether I was expected to pay for my booking. 

Having all these questions answered was good for my peace of mind. In the past, I’ve dealt with some companies that don’t give you the full details when you hire a vehicle. Cheap is expensive and that car hire firm may have some underhand ways of overpricing while maintaining a façade of being affordable. A good firm will have the latest makes and models and that’s another thing I always look at before hiring my transport. Also, the vehicle I hire should be clean and well maintained so that I can be safe on the road. I also like a company to satisfy all my requirements before parting with my hard-earned money