Things to Consider Before Buying a Stand up Paddle Board

heck out SUP Paddle Boards NZ for the best paddle boards. Paddleboarding is a fast-growing water sport with many enthusiasts and active participants all over the world. If you are one, owning a paddle board is the ultimate goal. But of course not just any paddle board, the last thing you want is owning a paddle board you do not like. It would be a waste. So before you purchase a paddle board, here a few things to consider.

Type of stand up paddleboard

There many different types of stand up paddle (sup) boards on the market, some with specific features for different activities and others for multiple purposes. To choose the right one for yourself, you must be knowledgeable about all the different types.

They include; touring sups, race sups, fishing sups, all round sups, surf sups, yoga sups, and cruising or leisure sups.

Size of paddle board

A wider, thicker and longer board will have more volume, and the more volume a board has, the better its stability on the water. The ideal board for you will depend on your weight and your level of experience paddle boarding. 

If you are a beginner, a paddle board with more volume will suit you best since it has more stability and can support heavier weight. But if you have the experience you can opt for a paddle board with less volume as you will have the skill and balance to handle it.


There are many brands that offer affordable paddle boards so you will have to do your research before you purchase a paddle board for a particular brand. The board should be affordable but keep in mind not to buy a cheap board that is of poor quality. Ask for recommendations from other paddlers, they will give you valuable advice on what to buy and what to stay away from.