Types of Exterior Drainage Solutions for Your Home

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Exterior drainage is very important to keep away water from the foundation walls of your house or building and yard. Below are some drainage systems that would solve and prevent any surface drainage problems. Problems like a damaged landscape, foundation cracks, and mold growth.

French Drain

The French drain has many names including filter drain, weeping tile, trench drain, rubble drain among others. A French drain involves digging a trench in the ground. A perforated pipe is then installed in the trench to redirect surface and groundwater away from the house or building. After the pipe is installed, the trench is filled with gravel or rock then covered and the ground flattened.

Gutter Drain

Roof water can cause your house many problems if not drained properly. A gutter and downspout drain should be installed to redirect water from your roof away from the walls. 

Interior Foundation Footing Drain

Now, this system is not exactly situated outside of the house but it made the list because it protects the foundation of your house too. It basically works like the French Drain except here the trench is made in the basement and the pipe is redirected to a catch basin in the laundry room or it is connected to the main sewer.

Grading Drainage System

The grading drainage system is simply reworking your grading to slope away from the house.

In conclusion, exterior drainage is as important for your home as interior drainage. The two work hand in hand to ensure your home is in the best shape. While interior drainage is obviously never forgotten, some people do not take proper action to install exterior drainage systems and in the long run suffer a range of problems with their buildings and homes. Especially in the walls and foundation. So an exterior drainage system should be installed in your home as it will save you money over time.